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Hi guys, 

Well Me & my pa took a trip down to Tibb street pet shop in Manchester city center last week & bought 2 Curly haired tarantula spiderlings. My Dad has wanted one for ages but i was like "Eeek" Cause i have a phobia of spiders. Anyway i ended up getting one to help me with my fear as i thought "If i can hold a Golden orb spider in Australia, Maybe i can take the next step in raising one."

So yes, i now have a baby tarantula in my room & i have to say i am now quite fond of her (Im calling it a her for now until i know the sex).

I know right? How can you get attached to a spider when you have a fear of them? Well i honestly don’t know.

Anyway, Her name is Mouse, She is a curly haired terrestrial (Scientific name: Brachypelma albopilosum) This type can be found in Central America form Honduras to Costa Rica and is a burrowing spider.

These can grow to 5” to 5.5” depending on the sex, females are larger & live quite a bit longer than males but she is currently no larger than a 5 pence piece at 1 week old.

As you will notice on one of the pictures, she has one leg missing, i bought her like that but that should grow back after a few Molts (Shedding).

So far since i have had her she hasn’t molted yet & has only had one feed (one crushed mini cricket) which was 2 days ago, which is why, i think, her abdomen is quite large at the minute.

I think thats all for now.

Oh & so far she’s very friendly =)